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Adding more referencing styles to EndNote

The most commonly used bibliographic styles including APA7, Vancouver, and Chicago are already included in the EndNote 20 software, as well as many journal styles. You can view these styles by clicking on Tools > Output Styles>Open Style Manager. Search for your desired sytle and click on the box next to it. The style will then appear in your list of preferred styles when you select Tools>Output Styles. Click on the style to select it. Some styles in EndNote may require editing to display correctly in your document. We recommend becoming familiar with your referencing style before using EndNote as reference data imported into EndNote is seldom 100% correct.

  1. Ensure you have EndNote open.
  2. If the style you want is not already in the EndNote Style Manager, search for the desired style in EndNote Output Styles (or choose from the selection below - these will automatically download to your computer).
  3. From the style page, click the Download Style button.
  4. Double click on the style to open it - if you can't see the file at the bottom of your browser, look in your downloads folder (or Finder in Mac).
  5. The style box will then open in EndNote - click on File >Save As - change the filename if you like (you can backspace over the word "copy" in the filename).
  6. Click on Save
  7. Close the Style using the X in the top right of the box or select File > Close Style.
  8. Remember to select your new style in both EndNote and Word. In EndNote, reference Summary view, go to the styles drop down box, Select Another Style. 
  9. Search for the style using the Find box. Also select the style in your Word document.

Additional SCU styles

EndNote output styles

Bibliographic (or referencing) styles are files that are used to control the appearance of references in a bibliography, for example Harvard or APA. EndNote offers more than 7000 bibliographic styles. The name of the output style refers to the journal or publisher that defined the bibliographic format. Styles can be modified and new styles can be created using EndNote's style editor. Additional styles and updates of styles can be found on the EndNote Output Styles page.