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Producing a bibliography or reading list with in-text citations

The simplest way to create a standalone or independent bibliography is to use EndNote in conjunction with your Word documents and manually type in any in-text citations (you will need to be familiar with your referencing style) and then to use Endnote to create the reference list or bibliography. 
  1. Within your EndNote library, select the appropriate referencing style.
  2. Identify the references you need to include (from your in-text citations), and select / highlight them in your EndNote Library.  (Hold down Ctrl +Click to highlight, or Ctrl +A to Select All.)
  3. On the main toolbar, select Edit then the Copy Formatted option.
  4. Return to your Word document, and position your cursor where you wish your reference list to appear. At this stage, you could type the heading ‘List of References’ or Bibliography / Reading List.
  5. Select Edit | Paste or ctrl V (ensure "Keep source formatting" option is selected).


Naming the bibliography and spacing your references

  • Open the Configure Bibliography box on your Toolbar (see image below).

  • When the EndNote Configure Bibliography box appears, select the Layout Tab. 


  • Type a name for your bibliography, and change the “Space after” selection to Single. Click on OK. Your formatted bibliography will now appear.

Creating a standalone Bibliography or Reference List with EndNote

Creating a standalone reference list or bibliography without in-text citations using EndNote 

You can create a reference list or bibliography with EndNote without using in text citations or footnotes. There are three ways you can do this. See the short videos/links above and/or refer to the Clarivate support page here.