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Why EndNote?

EndNote software allows you to create bibliographies the easy way, eliminating time-consuming formatting and typing.

NOTE: SCU Library recommends EndNote for use by Postgraduate, Honours, and 3rd year students, as well as staff.
It is important that you are familiar with manually creating references in your style before 
using any automated tool. 

This guide offers an Introduction to EndNote Desktop for new users. Learn how to

  • create a Library,
  • add and modify references,
  • use EndNote with Word,
  • add groups,
  • add full-text PDFs,
  • and back-up your library.

Download and Install EndNote

Click here for complete download instructions, then fill out the Southern Cross University EndNote User Licence Agreement form, and proceed to download.

Note: It is essential that you extract the contents of the zip file before you attempt to run the install program. See the video and instructions for Mac or Windows on this page.

Updates and Plugins

If you are prompted to install an update to your current version of EndNote (for example if you have EndNote x9.0 and are prompted to install EndNote x9.1) feel free to proceed to update to the latest version.

However, if you are prompted to connect to an EndNote online account or install any plugins (e.g. Kopernio) we recommend getting to know the basics of EndNote before adding layers of complexity. You can choose the x or cancel option to close these prompts.

Welcome to Endnote

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