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Sharing a Library between a group of researchers

  • Each member of the group must have an EndNote Online account and sync their chosen Library (Sync between EndNote Online and desktop).

  • The co-ordinator of the group or research assistant shares their Library with the others. Each member receives an email inviting them to share a Library, with a link which they click. They will then sign in with their own EndNote Online username and password.

  • They can view the Shared Library by selecting File >Shared Library. Any member of the group can make changes to the Library.

  • It is recommended that the co-ordinator backs up the Library regularly in the usual way.

Library Sharing in EndNote 20 - A Clarivate quick guide.

Managing Shared Groups. - A Clarivate short guide to managing shared groups in EndNote Online.

EndNote Quick Reference Guide (X9) - Group sharing from page 6.

EndNote Quick Reference Guide (X8) - Group sharing from page 5.

The detailed video above demonstrates the various methods of collaborating (sharing libraries) using EndNote. Method 3 is the most common method used and begins at timestamp14:00 minutes. Sharing multiple libraries (complicated) starts at timestamp 17:00 minutes.

Library & Group Sharing