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What is EndNote Online?

EndNote Online is a web-based reference management and bibliography creation tool. It allows you to collect, organise and store references online, and create citations and reference lists in Microsoft Word. Staff and Postgraduate students can use Endnote Online in conjunction with EndNote desktop to collaborate and share EndNote libraries.

NB. Clarivate have imposed a January 1st (2024) deadline on registering for an EndNote online account via EndNote 20. If you haven't already setup an EndNote online account prior to 1st January 2024, you will not be able to unless using EndNote 21. EndNote 21 is now available.


Top tips for syncing and sharing your EndNote library

  • To share your EndNote library (or a Group in your EndNote library), you must first synchronize it (Sync) with your EndNote Online account.

  • Sync works with only one EndNote library and one EndNote Online account. 

  • Sync includes groups and group associations but does not include group sets, smart groups, and groups within combination groups. The individual groups within these will be displayed alphabetically.

  • Sync will put groups where a group-set cannot be identified in an Unfiled groups set. Drag and drop the group to the appropriate group in the desktop library.

  • You can select any EndNote library that you created with EndNote, version 8.0 or above to synchronize with your EndNote Web library.

  • You cannot synchronize an EndNote library with your EndNote Online library when you are in Online Only mode.

  • You can always cancel a Sync process that is currently in progress. However, EndNote processes all information that has gone through the Sync process up to the cancellation point. If there are conflicts between references in EndNote and EndNote Web, then a Sync Conflicts folder appears in the Groups panel listing all record conflicts.

  • You can change an EndNote library in Sync Preferences.

  • Once your library is Synced, it's possible to share it with others - see instructions below for Sharing your library.

  • Do NOT share your library with non-SCU users if you attach PDFs