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Cite While You Write

Note: When you install EndNote, the Cite While You Write add-in will be inserted into your word processing software. Check the EndNote website for Windows and Mac Cite While you Write compatibility.

 Why Use Cite While You Write (CWYW)?

  • CWYW allows you to use your EndNote references to insert citations in a Microsoft Word document.
  • CWYW automatically creates a bibliography from the inserted citations.
  • CWYW allows you to change the format of your citations and bibliography.

How do I get Cite While You Write (CWYW)?

  • Need to have Microsoft Word installed on your computer before you install EndNote.
  • When you install EndNote on your computer, an EndNote menu is automatically added to your Microsoft Word toolbar.

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The Endnote Toolbar in Word

When EndNote is installed, a new CWYW Toolbar automatically appears in Microsoft Word so that references in your library can be incorporated into your Word documents.  
This Toolbar  allows you to
  • Search for citations and insert them into your paper.
  • Use Edit & Manage Citations to add information such as page numbers, or delete a reference.
  • Select a Style to format your document, eg. APA7th or Harvard.
  • Jump directly to your EndNote Library.
  • Convert your final document to a plain Word Document without the EndNote field codes.
  • Set preferences from automatic formatting to unformatted (or temporary) citations.

For troubleshooting CWYW tools in Microsoft Word see the Clarivate troubleshooting guide here.