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Harvard Referencing Guide

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Online forum post

  • For social media posts, include the first 10 words of the content followed by an ellipsis if there’s no title. Hyperlink the content or title to the original post and include the date you accessed the post.
  • Include the full date in the reference list.
Elements of the reference
Name of Page or Poster (Day Month Year) ‘Title or first 10 words of content of post ...’ [type of post], Page of Post, accessed Day Month Year.
In-text citation
  • To cite social media and forum posts in text, use the poster’s name and the year as you would for other references. However, make sure the user knows it’s a social media post.
In a recent Facebook post, Services Australia (2020) ...
Reference list
Services Australia (31 January 2020) ‘Our mobile servicing arrangements will continue in NSW, VIC ...’ [Facebook status], Services Australia, accessed 1 February 2020.
Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (3 February 2020) ‘Celebrate World Wetlands Day’ [Tweet], Australian Government Agriculture and Water, accessed 4 February 2020.
CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) (21 January 2020) ‘A brain transplant for one of Australia's top telescopes’ [online forum post], Reddit, accessed 4 February 2020.

Blog or Blog post


  • Hyperlink and italicise the title of the blog.
Elements of the reference
Author A (Year) Title of blog [format], accessed Day Month Year.
In-text citation
(Strong 2016) OR Strong (2016) ..
Reference list
Strong F (2016) Sword and the script [blog], accessed 23 July 2016.

Blog Post

  • For blog posts, hyperlink the title.

  • Italicise the name of the blog.

  • Include the date you accessed the post at the end of the reference.

  • If a post doesn’t list an author, use the name of the blog.

Elements of the reference
Author A (Day Month Year) ‘Title of post: subtitle’, Name of Blog, accessed Day Month Year.
Name of Blog (Day Month Year) ‘Title of post: subtitle’, Name of Blog, accessed Day Month Year.
In-text citation
Peascod (2019) ..
(Mashable Me 2022) ..
Reference list
Peascod S (19 December 2019) ‘The future of work is learning’, Digital Transformation Agency blog, accessed 4 January 2020.
Mashable Me (10 March 2022) 'New mac mini will include Apple's M2 and M2 pro processors', Mashable Me blog, accessed 11 March 2022.

Comment on a blog post

Elements of the reference
Author A (Day Month Year) ‘Re: Title of post: subtitle’ [blog comment], Name of Blog, accessed Day Month Year.
Reference list
Mullins P (1 January 2020) ‘Re: Capturing attention in feed: the science behind effective video creative’ [blog comment], Facebook for Business, accessed 4 February 2020.