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Harvard Referencing Guide

Appendix guidelines

  • An appendix (plural appendices) contain material that belongs with your paper, rather than in it. They go at the very end of your paper, after your reference list.
  • The appendix can include text, tables, figures, or a combination of these.
  • Each appendix starts on a separate page.
  • If you have one appendix in your assessment, label the section, Appendix. If there are two or more, label each appendix with a capital letter (e.g. Appendix A, Appendix B etc).
  • Each appendix must be referred to in-text. For example:
    • … showed higher participation rates (see Appendix A).
    • As shown in Appendix B, the results …
  • If you have written the appendix and used outside materials, just insert the citations in the text of your appendix as normal, and include the full reference in the main reference list for your paper.