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EndNote X9

Selecting and changing styles

  1. To format or reformat your document in a different style, open the drop down Style selector box:
  2. If the Style you would like for your document is not showing, click on “Select Another Style”. A list appears containing several hundred common styles.
  3. Type a letter to jump down the list of available styles, highlight your selection, eg. Chicago 16th Author-Date, and click on OK. Your document will be automatically reformatted in that Style. This style is now added to your favourites list, and appears in your drop-down menu in future.

What if the style I am looking for is not there?

You can download extra Style files for referencing requirements of various SCU Schools and the Harvard_SCU style from the Southern Cross EndNote page at, or the official EndNote site at provides thousands of styles for publishing in journals.

  • Open the file which will have the extension .ens . It will open in the EndNote program in a dialog window. Go to the File Menu choose Save As. It will add the word “Copy” to the name of the file – delete that if you like and click Save.
  • Now open the Styles drop-down selector, choose Select another style. The style you have saved should now appear in the available list, Choose that style.   .
  •  Return to your Word Document, and change the drop-down Style selector to the Style name you have chosen or saved. It will automatically reformat your bibliography.