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EndNote X9

Creating and setting up an EndNote library

  • Create a new Endnote library
    ​  1. From the File menu, select New. EndNote presents a dialog prompting you to name and save the new library.

2. Enter a meaningful name for your new library and save your library to the location you would like to save on your computer. The new library appears as an empty EndNote library, "Showing 0 out of 0 references.

Note: The file extension for an EndNote library is .enl. EndNote will automatically create a .Data folder with the same name as your library and place the Data folder in the same location as your library. This Data folder contains important information and PDF files that must stay in the same location as your library for EndNote to work!

Top Tips when creating an EndNote Library

  • Only have one Library. Don’t use multiple Libraries with a Word document – you can use Groups to organise your references.
  • Mac users: when creating a new library leave 'Save as Package' unchecked.
  • Don’t save your Library to the desktop (save it to your Documents folder); keep the filename short, but change it from the default!