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EndNote X9

Using EndNote for PDF management

Be aware that annotations/notes added to PDFs in EndNote are only visible within the EndNote program.

PDF Handling Preferences 
  • PDF Handling preferences allow you to define the automatic renaming process of PDF documents that you want to import to your EndNote library.
  • Go to Edit on the menu bar, select Preferences, then select PDF Handling.
  • Auto Renaming Options - We recommend Author + Year (This ensures the file name of the PDFs is kept short).

Find Full Text

The Find Full Text command makes it possible to find the matching pdfs for references in your Endnote library. You can search for up to 250 records at a time.

Endnote will only be able to locate PDFs with a DOI (and even then, not all will automatically attach). Other PDFs will need to be downloaded and attached manually.

Setting Find Full Text preferences:
  1. Go to Edit (Mac users go to Applications)
  2. Click Preferences, then select Find Full Text
  3. Check all the four Search options boxes
  4. Copy and paste the following URL into the Open url path box
  5. Copy and paste the flowing url into the Authenticate with box
  6. Select the tick box next to 'Automatically invoke Find Full Text on newly-imported references' if you would like this to happen automatically.
  7. Click OK to save the changes
After configuring the preferences, you will need to authenticate with SCU once before it will work.
Authenticate with Find Full Text
  1. Go to References menu
  2. Click Find Full Text > Authenticate
  3. Enter your SCU login information. This will return a page with a list of SCU databases. There is no need to select any of them.
  4. Click Done.

NOTE: you may need to periodically re-authenticate if you find PDFs aren't being attached. This may be because the connection has been reset to the OpenURL server.

Attaching full-text PDFs
  • If you would like to find full text for any existing references in your EndNote Library, highlight them, right-click, select Find Full Text.
  • If you selected to 'Automatically invoke Find Full Text on newly-imported references', future references imported will automatically search for a PDF to attach. 
  • You can monitor the status of the Find Full Text command in the left pane (under your groups)

Setting Web of Science URL preferences

  1. Go to Edit (Mac users go to Applications)
  2. Click Preferences, then select URLs & Links
  3. Copy and Paste into ISI Base URL box: