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EndNote X9

Adding Citations in Word

  • Position your cursor where you wish to insert a citation, e.g, before the full stop at the end of a sentence, and add a space to separate the citation from the previous word.
  • Option 1. Go to the EndNoteX9 tab at word's tool menu, click Insert Citation to display the Find & Insert My References dialogue
    • Search for the reference you wish to cite
    • Highlight the reference and click on Insert. 
      Notice that you are given various options including a standard Insert which will appear as (Smith 2009) or Insert & Display as: Author (Year) which should appear as Smith (2008).
    • The bibliography should now appear at the end of the document.  Position your cursor inside the reference and notice that it is shaded grey, as does the bibliography. This means that this text is linked to EndNote program, and contains EndNote Field Codes. Only edit these using the EndNote toolbar features in Word.
  • Option 2. An alternate method is to insert references from the Endnote program. This works well if you wish to insert multiple citations together.
    • Position your cursor in Word at the place where your references are to be inserted, adding a space before the full stop.
    • From the EndNote tab, select Go to EndNote.
    • Select references from your Endnote library, holding down the Ctrl Key to select multiple references.
    • From the EndNote tool menu, select Insert Selected Citation(s).