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Law AGLC4 Referencing Guide

Speeches and lectures (AGLC4 rule 7.3)

Footnote - general format 
Author, 'Title' (Speech, Institution/Forum, Full Date) Pinpoint. 

Robert French, 'Ethics and Public Office' (Speech, Sir Zelman Cowen Memorial Oration, Monash University, 10 September 2015) 4. 
Virginia Bell, 'Section 80: The Great Constitutional Tautology' (Lucinda Lecture, Monash University, 24 October 2013).

Additional tips
  • If the speech is a named lecture, include the lecture name instead of 'Speech' (AGLC4 rule 7.3)
  • If the speech is part of a lecture series do not include its ordinal number (AGLC4 rule 7.3)
  • If no specific forum is indicated include the city or town the speech was delivered in instead (AGLC4 rule 7.3)
  • A URL may be included in accordance with the format set out in rule 4.4-4.5 if it would aid retrieval (AGLC4 rule 7.3)
  • If a speech has been published in a journal or book cite it as you would a journal article or book (AGLC4 rule 7.3)

Interviews (AGLC4 rule 7.13)

Footnote - general format
Interview/Conversation with Interviewee (Interviewer, Forum, Full Date).

Conversation with Chief Justice John G Roberts Jr, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (Carolyn Evans, Melbourne Law School, The University of Melbourne, 20 July 2017).

Additional tips:
  • Include the format of the source being cited eg 'Interview' or ‘Conversation’ (AGLC4 rule 7.13)
  • The position of the interviewee may be included after their name, preceded by a comma (AGLC4 rule 7.13)
  • A URL may be included if it would aid its retrieval as formatted according to rules 4.4–4.5 (AGLC4 rule 7.13)
  • If an interview has been published in a journal, book, or broadcast, reference the interview as you would those materials (AGLC4 rule 7.13)