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Law AGLC4 Referencing Guide

SCU guide to AGLC referencing.

About AGLC4

The Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC4) is the main referencing style used in law. 

There are two components to AGLC4 referencing:

  • footnotes in the text of your assignment; and
  • bibliography at the end. 

Read the General Rules before getting started for common formatting conventions for:

  • authors
  • titles
  • punctuation
  • pinpoints
  • short titles
  • subsequent references.

AGLC4 is available online and in print:

Navigating this guide

This guide provides you with the general rule, examples and additional tips for the footnote (entry that appears in your paper when you paraphrase or use a direct quote). The relevant rule from the AGLC4 is included in brackets.

Information and a sample Bibliography (list of resources included at the end of your assignment) can be found in the General Rules section.

Check the AGLC4 if you need clarification or further examples.

Test your understanding of AGLC4


This guide has been created from content reused and adapted from QUT's and Curtin University's AGLC4 referencing guides CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Licence.