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Law AGLC4 Referencing Guide

Parliamentary debates (AGLC4 rule 7.5.1)

Parliamentary debates are also known as parliamentary speeches, hansard or second reading speeches. 

Jurisdiction, Parliamentary Debates, Chamber, Full Date of Debate, Pinpoint (Name of Speaker).

Commonwealth, Parliamentary Debates, Senate, 7 February 2017, 39 (George Brandis, Attorney-General).

Additional tips:
  • If the speaker's name is given include their first and last names in the citation (AGLC4 7.5.1)
  • Do not include designations such as MP, MLC (AGLC4 7.5.1)
  • Where relevant include the speaker's position within the ministry or shadow ministry after their name, preceded by a comma (AGLC4 7.5.1)
  • Follow the instructions in the following Library FAQ to find the page number for the pinpoint element: How to find a page number for NSW hansard

Written submissions to government and Parliamentary inquiries, committees and agencies (AGLC4 rule 7.5.2)

Footnote - general format
Author, Submission No Number to Body, Name of Inquiry (Full Date) Pinpoint.

Mobil Oil Australia, Submission No 25 to Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Inquiry into the Price of Unleaded Petrol (27 July 2007) 6-7.
Anonymous 489, Submission to Royal Commission into Family Violence (29 May 2015).

Additional tips
  • Do not include an author if the submission is subject to name suppression or is otherwise anonymous (AGLC4 rule 7.5.2)
  • If there is no submission number allocated, leave out of the citation (AGLC4 rule 7.5.2)
  • Add the name of the chamber to the start of the committee's name if it is not apparent (AGLC4 rule 7.5.2)
  • Omit the name of the inquiry if it is not included on the submission or evidence (AGLC4 rule 7.5.2)
  • Provide as much of the date as appears on the submission (AGLC4 rule 7.5.2)