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Law AGLC4 Referencing Guide

Print looseleaf services (AGLC4 rule 7.8)

Footnote - general format
Publisher, Title, vol Volume Number (at Most Recent Service Number for Pinpoint or Full Date) [Pinpoint].

James Douglas, LexisNexis Butterworths, Civil Procedure Queensland, vol 1 (at Service 82) [r 429G.5].

Additional tips
  • A looseleaf service, also known as a commentary, was originally published in binders which allowed pages to be removed and added for updates. Most of these commentaries are now available online on Lexis Advance, Westlaw AU and CCH iKnowConnect.
  • Looseleaf services may include the most recent service number or the date of last update.
  • Pinpoints should be to paragraphs and appear in square brackets [ ], unless the ¶ symbol is used (often in CCH), in which case square brackets are omitted.

Online looseleaf service - author (AGLC4 rule 7.8)

Where an author of a looseleaf service is clearly identified, the author's name should be included before the publisher, followed by a comma.

Footnote - general format
Author, Publisher, Title (online at Date of Retrieval) [Pinpoint].

JW Carter, LexisNexis, Carter on Contract (online at 20 February 2018) [04-001].

Online looseleaf service - no author (AGLC4 rule 7.8)

Where the author of a looseleaf service is not clearly identified include only the name of the publisher.

Footnote - general format
Publisher, Title (online at Date of Retrieval) [Pinpoint].

CCH Australia, Australian Intellectual Property Commentary, (online at 20 February 2018) ¶7-000.