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Law AGLC4 Referencing Guide

Print looseleaf services (AGLC4 rule 7.8)

Footnote - general format
Publisher, Title, vol Volume Number (at Most Recent Service Number for Pinpoint or Full Date) [Pinpoint].

James Douglas, LexisNexis Butterworths, Civil Procedure Queensland, vol 1 (at Service 82) [r 429G.5].

Additional tips
  • A looseleaf service, also known as a commentary, was originally published in binders which allowed pages to be removed and added for updates. Most of these commentaries are now available online on Lexis+, Westlaw AU and CCH iKnowConnect.
  • Looseleaf services may include the most recent service number or the date of last update.
  • Pinpoints should be to paragraphs and appear in square brackets [ ], unless the ¶ symbol is used (often in CCH), in which case square brackets are omitted.

Online looseleaf service - author (AGLC4 rule 7.8)

Where an author of a looseleaf service is clearly identified, the author's name should be included before the publisher, followed by a comma.

Footnote - general format
Author, Publisher, Title (online at Date of Retrieval) [Pinpoint].

JW Carter, LexisNexis, Carter on Contract (online at 20 February 2018) [04-001].

Online looseleaf service - no author (AGLC4 rule 7.8)

Where the author of a looseleaf service is not clearly identified include only the name of the publisher.

Footnote - general format
Publisher, Title (online at Date of Retrieval) [Pinpoint].

CCH Australia, Australian Intellectual Property Commentary, (online at 20 February 2018) ¶7-000.