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Law AGLC4 Referencing Guide

Constitutive document (AGLC4 rule 9.1)

Footnote - general format
Charter of the United Nations Pinpoint

Charter of the United Nations art 51. 

Official documents of the United Nations (AGLC4 rule 9.2)

A citation of a UN document should include:

  • Author (AGLC4 rule 9.2.1)

  • Title (AGLC4 rule 9.2.2)

  • Resolution or decision number (AGLC4 rule 9.2.3)

  • Official records (AGLC4 rule 9.2.4)

  • Committee Number, eg '2nd Comm' (AGLC4 rule 9.2.5)

  • Session (and Part) Number, eg '4th sess' (AGLC4 rule 9.2.6)

  • Meeting Number, eg '37th mtg' (AGLC4 rule 9.2.7)

  • Agenda Item, eg 'Agenda Item 137' (AGLC4 rule 9.2.8) 

  • Supplement, eg 'Supp No 98' (AGLC4 rule 9.2.9)

  • UN Document Number, eg 'UN Doc A/RES/54/275' (AGLC4 rule 9.2.10)

  • Full date, e.g. '(27 July 2001, adopted 14 June 2001)' (AGLC4 rule 9.2.11)

  • Annex as it appears on the document (AGLC4 rule 9.2.12)

  • Pinpoint reference (AGLC4 rule 9.2.13).

These elements should appear in the order they are listed above. 

Fatma Zohra Ksentini, Report of the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and the Environment, UN Doc E/CN.4/Sub.2/1994/9 (6 July 1994).
Millennium Summit of the United Nations, GA Res 54/254, UN Doc A/RES/54/254 (23 March 2000, adopted 15 March 2000) para 3. 
United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, GA Res 61/295, UN Doc A/RES/61/295 (2 October 2007, adopted 13 September 2007).

Additional tips
  • Not all UN documents have titles (AGLC4 rule 9.2.2).
  • Include the organ or resolution decision number including the appropriate abbreviation (see rule 9.2.3).
  • Document numbers should appear exactly as they do on the document including slashes and full stops (AGLC4 rule 9.2.10).
  • Where there is no full date on the document include as much of the date as is provided (AGLC4 rule 9.2.11).