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Law AGLC4 Referencing Guide

General rules

Authors (AGLC4 rule 5.1)

  • Names of authors should appear in accordance with rule 4.1 (see General rules)
  • For articles with no author include the type of article instead, ie 'Comment' or 'Note' (AGLC4 rule 5.1)

Title (AGLC4 rules 5.2 & 5.5)

  • Article titles appear in normal font in single quotation marks (AGLC4 rule 5.2)
  • If the name of a case or statute is included as part of the article title, italicise only the case or statute name (AGLC4 rule 4.2)
  • Provide the full title of the journal as it appears on the title page in italics (AGLC4 rule 5.5)

Year, volume number, issue number (AGLC4 rules 5.3 & 5.4)

  • If the journal is organised by volume number put the year of publication in round brackets '( )' (AGLC4 rule 5.3)
  • If the journal is organised by year put the year of publication in square brackets '[ ]' (AGLC4 rule 5.3)
  • If the journal has an issue number or identifier (eg Summer) place this in round brackets following the volume number (Note: if a journal is organised by year there will be no volume number) (AGLC4 rule 5.4)

Pinpoint (AGLC4 rule 5.7)

  • When the pinpoint reference is also the first page of an article repeat the number (AGLC4 rule 5.7)

Journal articles in parts (AGLC4 rule 5.8)

  • If an article has been published in parts provide a full citation for each part (AGLC4 rule 5.8)

Journal article (AGLC4 rule 5)

Footnote - general format
Author(s), 'Article Title' (Year) Volume(Issue) Journal Title Starting page, Pinpoint.

Madeline Baker, 'Blue Sky Mine: Environmental Risk Disclosure in Australia' (2018) 35(5) Environmental and Planning Law Journal 519, 519.

Kate Galloway and Jemima McGrath, 'Reproductive Justice: A Framework for Abortion Law Reform' (2018) 43(4) Alternative Law Journal 295298.

Jasper Hedges et al, 'The Potential Economic Gains from Increasing Public Law Enforcement Against Illegal Phoenix Activity' (2018) 44(1) Monash University Law Review 267, 307.

Articles published in online journals (AGLC4 rule 5.10)

As much as possible, cite online articles the same as printed ones.

When a volume number, issue number or starting page are not available use other identifiers like article numbers.

If page numbers are not available, pinpoints should refer to a position within the page range of the PDF or digital document.

Footnote - general format
Author(s), 'Article title' (Year) Volume(Issue) Journal Title Article number/Identifier: Page range, Pinpoint.

William van Caenegem, 'Copyright Liability for the Playing of "Music on Hold": Telstra Corporation Ltd v Australasian Performing Right Association Ltd' (1996) 2 High Court Review 5:1-7, 4.

Advance or forthcoming journal article (AGLC4 rule 5.11)

For articles that are forthcoming or available in advance the starting page number is replaced with '(forthcoming)' or '(advance)' depending on what appears on the article.

Footnote - general format
Author(s), ‘Article Title’ (Year) Volume number(Issue number) Journal Title (advance)/(forthcoming).

Shiri Krebs, Ingrid Nielsen and Russell Smyth, ‘What Determines the Institutional Legitimacy of the High Court of Australia?’ (2019) 43(2) Melbourne University Law Review (advance).
Genevieve Helleringer and Anne-Lise Sibony, 'European Consumer Protection through the Behavioural Lens' (2017) 23 Colombia Journal of European Law (forthcoming).