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Law AGLC4 Referencing Guide

Internet materials (AGLC4 rule 7.15)

Only cite sources as internet materials if they do not exist in a published form and no other AGLC4 rule applies to it. Use the date of last update if available, otherwise use the date of creation. If the author's name and the website name are the same, do not include the website name.

Footnote - general format
Author, 'Document title', Website title (Document type, Full date) Pinpoint <URL>.

Jeremy Gans, 'News: The Court Reveals a Legal Scandal', Opinions on High (Blog Post, 3 December 2018) <>.

Footnote - general format
Author, 'Document Title', Web Page Title, (Document Type, Full Date) Pinpoint <URL>.

Queensland Government, 'Wellness Planning Resources', Healthier Happier Workplaces (Web Page, 18 January 2019) <>.

Social media posts (AGLC4 rule 7.16)

Footnote - general format
Username, 'Title' (Social Media Platform, Full Date, Time) <URL>.

@AustLII, (Twitter, 10 December 2018, 8.26pm) <>.
VictoriaLegalAid, ‘Australia’s Legal System – What’s the Law? Australian Law for New Arrivals’ (YouTube, 24 October 2011) 00:00:10-00:01:50.

Additional tips
  • The username should appear as it does on the social media platform (capitalisation should not be altered).
  • For Twitter accounts @ should be included in the username.
  • If the name of the author is not clear from the username, you may include the author's name in brackets after the username, preceded by a space.
  • If the post has no title, you may omit this part.
  • When citing YouTube videos, any pinpoint references should be to a point in time or time span in the recording in the format Hours: Minutes: Seconds.