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Researcher Essentials

Scopus Author ID

  • Assigned automatically
  • Provides citation metrics
  • Analyse and visualise your publications record in Scopus
Connect with:
  • Southern Cross Researcher Profile
  • ORCiD
Available for:
  • Researchers with indexed outputs in Scopus


Access Scopus author search


Step 1
  • Find your author profile in Scopus by selecting the Authors tab
    • Note: you will need to sign in or register for a personal account with Scopus
  • Check for multiple profiles listing your publications and merge if found
  • Note: Your affiliation in Scopus is based on the institution where you published your most recent paper; you cannot manually update it
Step 2
  • Verify your publications, add or remove as required
    • Note: You cannot add publications that have not been indexed in Scopus
Step 3
Step 4