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Preparing for Success

Analyse your topic

Analyse your essay question to identify key concepts (keywords) for your topic:

  • What is the overall topic the task is asking you to address? (Identify keywords that describe the main ideas in the topic)
  • What specific sub-topic within that bigger topic do I need to focus on? (Identify narrower terms or terms related to your specific focus)
  • Add to the list of keywords with alternative keywords, synonyms, related words.
  • More information on analysing your assessment, look under the section Preparing for Assessments, from the Learning Zone Quick Guides.

Credo reference - define your topic

Credo reference - is a collection of dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Search your concepts to understand your topic better and use the mind map feature to locate related topics and keywords.




Identify keywords

Write down the keywords and alternative keywords - use them in different combinations in your searches  

Keywords Alternative keywords

Social media marketing



Instagram; Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn

Pros and cons




Unmanned aerial vehicles; UAVs; Commercial drones; Drone technology; Hobby drones



Mobile technology, smartphones

health care, nursing home