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Preparing for Success

Developing your search skills

To locate relevant information for your assessment tasks, you need to:

  1. know what information you need - analyse your topic, and identify the key concepts (keywords) you can use to do research.
  2. know where to look for and get hold of  information -  textbooks, journal articles, readings, etc.
  3. know how to search the sources - use keywords to locate and refine your search results.
  4. know how to evaluate the information  you have found.

Academic sources and searching tools

Types of sources Tools to search

Books (print & electronic) – academic books, textbooks provide broad and in-depth information on a topic,  published by University presses and Academic or Professional publishers

Library catalogue

Proquest ebook central

Journal article -  articles written by experts in a particular field and provide most recent research, findings, and news in that field. These resources will provide the most substantial information for your research and papers

Library catalogue

Databases: ProQuest, Ebsco, APAIS, SciencDirect  

Google Scholar

Online materials - Government publications, research reports, conference papers, maps, and other resources, current news and information from reputable websites.

Google scholar

Search engines