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Issues to keep in mind when creating and customising OERs

You would like to use OERs in your course, but can’t find one that completely fits your course? Consider customising an existing OER or creating a new one.

Here are some key issues to keep in mind:

Or, you can use the Creative Commons License chooser.

Or, use the RMIT attribution builder to create an embeddable licence attribution.

  • Make it editable: Allow your OER to be modified by future users and consider using editable formats such as: .docx or .rtf.

  • Accessibility: OERs should be accessible to users with disabilities. Make sure accessibility features such as text-to-speech, speech-to text, zoom, etc are enabled and the resource is compatible with assistive devices

  • Make it discoverable: Consider submitting your OER to a searchable collection such as your institutional repository, or OER platforms such as MERLOT and OER Commons

(based on Affordable Learning Georgia)