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What is a psychological test?

Psychological tests are assessment tools frequently used in many fields of psychology. They are used to measure a range of variables related to psychology, such as intelligence, personality, or attitudes and so on, and they usually involve the analysis of a sample of behaviour. Tests are a standardised measurement instrument - they may be called an inventory, questionnaire, index, scale, checklist, profile or a test.

Finding tests on a particular subject

The Library does not hold copies of tests - tests are published commercially and are often restricted to trained or registered professionals - but we can help you locate test reviews and identify suitable tests for your research.

A test collection is held by the Psychology department at SCU's Coffs Harbour Campus. Contact Dr Belinda Barton at to see if the test is held and the conditions for administering the test.

Test Reviews

Key journals for psychological tests and measures

Finding journal articles related to testing

You can search APA PsycINFO to find a journal article or a study that used tests for its research by following these steps, using the Advanced Search option:

In the first search box, type in your topic, or the name of the test you're interested in - say, "depression", or "Beck Depression Inventory"

In the second search box, type the word "appended" and change the 'Select a Field' option to 'Tests and Measures'.

Click Search.

This should retrieve a selection of articles which may have copies of related tests attached.

You can also search in Google Scholar - remember to set your Scholar Preferences to SCU so you can link to SCU full text.

Test Publishers

Tests on the Web


You can browse the library shelves for books about psychological testing at these call numbers:

  • 150.287   Testing and measurement
  • 153.93; 155.283   Intelligence or personality testing

You can search the library catalogue using keywords such as psychological assessment/measurement/testing/instruments/scale.