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Generative AI information

Acknowledging your use of GenAI tools

If you use a GenAI tool in your assessment, it is essential that you appropriately acknowledge this use as part of your commitment to Academic Integrity at SCU. Depending on your assessment requirements, unit assessor instructions, and referencing style, you may need to acknowledge the use of GenAI tools by providing: 

  • in text citations
  • a full reference entry in the reference list
  • details of the inclusion of GenAI tool/s in your methodology 
  • an appendix entry including the full transcript of GenAI tool prompts and outputs
  • an acknowledgement statement (see Learning Zone document for examples)

Check the referencing style used in your course and consult the library’s referencing style guides for how to cite GenAI outputs.

GenAI tools are an emerging and rapidly changing technology, there for it is recommended that you regularly check the referencing style guides for updated information.

Using GenAI tools in your assessment

Before using GenAI tools in your assessments, you must confirm whether the use of GenAI tools is permitted in your particular unit and assessment items. This information will appear in your Unit information, your assessment task, or via a Blackboard Announcement. Discuss with your Unit Assessor if you are not sure about the use GenAI tools in your studies.

For more information on the use of GenAI tools in your assessment, please visit the Academic Integrity and Turnitin page (see link below).

Academic Misconduct

GenAI tools generates content based on existing datasets, and may produce content that resembles existing authors’ work. This content is generated without citing or linking to the original data. Failure to correctly cite the work of others may result in Academic Misconduct (see link below). GenAI tools are also known to provide false or hallucinated information, therefore you should always fact check the generated information and references.

Using GenAI to assist with your writing or other assessment tasks when the use of GenAI tools has been explicitly prohibited (in writing for each Assessment item), or without acknowledgment, may be considered a breach of Academic Integrity, and result in an Academic Integrity breach with penalties as described in the Student Academic and Non-Academic Misconduct Rules, Section 3.