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Research studies on educating for diversity and social justice

The book captures the various ways issues of diversity, equity and social justice unfold in educational settings and offers ideas for eradicating inequalities in schools. Concepts such as parental involvement, equity pedagogy, and dual language, among others, provide a template for assisting educators to improve educational outcomes for students.

Mathematical Modelling for Teachers

Mathematical Modelling for Teachers: Resources, Pedagogy and Practice provides everything that teachers and mathematics educators need to design and implement mathematical modelling activities in their classroom. Authored by an expert in Singapore, the global leader in mathematics education, it is written with an international readership in mind. This book focuses on practical classroom ideas in mathematical modelling suitable to be used by mathematics teachers at the secondary level.

The teaching self : contemplative practices, pedagogy, and research in education

In The Teaching Self: Contemplative Practices, Pedagogy, and Research in Education, a rich collection of voices from diverse settings illustrates the ways in which first-person experiences with contemplative practices lay a foundation for contemplative pedagogy and research in teacher education.

Developing a Loving Pedagogy in the Early Years

Care and caring are key to early childhood education and yet love can be viewed as a taboo word within early childhood settings. This book guides practitioners through the potentially problematic area of loving the children they care for. It shows where a loving pedagogy can fit within professional practice and how this can enrich experiences for children and educators. The book explores how educators can support their children by holding them in mind, valuing them and promoting their best interests.

Pedagogy for technology education in secondary schools : research informed perspectives for classroom teachers

This book explores pedagogy appropriate for the secondary school technology education classroom. It covers the dimensions of pedagogy for technology with scholarly research, including information strongly related to practice.

Virtual Reality in Curriculum and Pedagogy

Virtual Reality in Curriculum and Pedagogy explores the instructional, ethical, practical, and technical issues related to the integration of immersive virtual reality (VR) in school classrooms. The book's original pedagogical framework is informed by qualitative and quantitative data collected from the first-ever study to embed immersive VR in secondary school science, ICT, and drama classrooms.

Steiner Waldorf Pedagogy in Schools

This book offers a comprehensive exploration of Steiner or Waldorf pedagogy and practice in schools. Drawing on key research, it traces the origins of Steiner education from the original Waldorf school and shows how this approach has since been adapted and applied in educational settings around the world. Outlining the educational philosophy of Steiner education, the book considers its unique features, such as its commitment to a pedagogical anthropology that takes the whole developing human being into account - body, mind and spirit - and the developmental approach that arises out of this.

The art and heart of good teaching : values as the pedagogy

This book summarizes and updates findings from the Australian Values Education Program with a focus on the latest international research in the field, both theoretical and practice-based.

Practical Pedagogy

Practical Pedagogy expands the universe of teaching and learning. It provides an accessible guide to new and emerging innovations in education, with insights into how to become more effective as a teacher and learner. New teachers will find a comprehensive introduction to innovative ways of teaching and learning. Experienced educators will be surprised by the range of useful pedagogies, such as trans-languaging, crossover learning, teach-back, bricolage and rhizomatic learning. Policy makers will gain evidence of how new teaching methods work in practice, with resources for curriculum design and course development. 

Interdisciplinary approaches to pedagogy and place-based education: From abstract to the quotidian

This book brings together scholars from a wide range of disciplines to creatively engage with place in the context of pedagogy. Beginning with an exploration of traditional place-based forms of education, such as outdoor education, travel courses, and courses on sustainability, the authors go on to expand our popular notions of place, including the classroom, the campus, our interior selves, and our digital ecosystems.

Rethinking Play As Pedagogy

The conceptualisation and practice of play is considered core to early childhood pedagogy. In this essential text, contributors from a range of countries and cultures explore how play might be defined, encouraged and interpreted in early childhood settings and practice. Rethinking Play as Pedagogy provides a fresh perspective of play as a purposeful pedagogy offering multi-layered opportunities for learning and development. 

Teaching Elementary STEM Education

This textbook offers practical guidelines for integrating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics into the elementary classroom in the context of addressing real-world problems, and cultivating in students high-level thinking and problem-solving skills. Designed to equip teachers and future teachers with tools to create and implement standards-based STEM curriculum and cognitively demanding tasks. This fresh approach to STEM teaching empowers teachers (preservice and inservice) and other leaders to better understand the standards and better design effective instructional practices. 

Storytelling pedagogy in Australia & Asia

This book on teaching through story is the first to highlight the rich storytelling cultures of Australia and Asia. It presents insights from practicing storytelling educators from Black and White Australia, China, India, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam, who share their art of storytelling as pedagogy. Designed for early childhood and primary teachers, teacher educators and student teachers across Australia and Asia, Storytelling Pedagogy in Australia & Asia provides inspiration to teach through storytelling to promote intercultural understanding, imagination, active citizenship and language and literacy learning.