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Social Science

General Social Science databases

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Social Science Books

Learning Policy, Doing Policy: Interactions between Public Policy Theory, Practice and Teaching.

Learning Policy, Doing Policy: explores how policy theory is understood by practitioners and it influences their practice.

Public sociology: an introduction to Australian society

The fourth edition of the most widely used introduction to Australian sociology. Designed as a flexible learning tool, it takes an applied approach, demonstrating the value of a sociological perspective on contemporary Australian life.

Political Communication in the Time of Coronavirus

This book examines how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the flows of communication between politicians, journalists, and citizens. Distinguished contributors grapple with how the pandemic, as a global unexpected event, disrupted the communication process and changed the relationships between politics, media, and publics, the three central players of political communication.

The Palgrave handbook of intersectionality in public policy

Grounded in black feminist scholarship and activism and formally coined in 1989 by black legal scholar Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw, intersectionality has garnered significant attention in the field of public policy and other disciplines/fields of study. The potential of intersectionality, however, has not been fully realized in policy, largely due to the challenges of operationalization.

Social Capital: Issues, Challenges and Perspectives

This book contains five chapters centered around the topic of social capital, defined as the networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling that society to function effectively.

Troubling sociological concepts: an interrogation

Sociology addresses challenging social issues and seeks new ways to understand them.

Browzine journals

Research Ready

Research Ready is a series of online learning modules that will help you to understand more about:

  • finding resources in the Library
  • what makes a 'scholarly' source
  • what makes a good or reliable source
  • what is referencing and plagiarism

The modules include videos, live webpage searching, and short quiz questions to check your knowledge.  A good understanding of these topics may help you to improve your marks and save time.

Social Science titles

You can browse the Library shelves for books in your area. These location (or Dewey) numbers are relevant for the broad area of Social Science:

300 Social sciences
301 Sociology
302 Social interaction
303 Social processes
304 Factors affecting social behavior
305 Social groups
306 Culture & institutions