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Reflective Practice

Introduction to reflective practice

Reflective practice in the workplace

Reflective practice is increasingly being considered as a critical dimension of professional development for health professionals. Professional standards and credentialing processes to demonstrate continuing competence for most health professionals now require demonstrations of reflection or reflective practice.

See the 'When to use reflective practice' tab for more information.

Graduate attributes

The following five attributes describe the knowledge, values and competencies you will require at the time of your graduation.

1. Professional discipline competencies

Graduates are expected to be able to apply conceptual, theoretical and practical discipline knowledge in a changing environment to the required professional standard.

2. Communication skills 

Graduates are expected to be able to communicate effectively with a range of people in a variety of settings using a variety of modes and media.

3. Practice in a professional environment

Graduates are expected to be able to practise safely and effectively as a sole practitioner, and as a member or leader of a team in a multidisciplinary work environment.

4. Sense of enquiry and commitment to life-long learning

Graduates are expected to be able to assess evidence about innovations, solve problems and learn new skills in their profession, supporting an intellectual curiosity and commitment to continuous learning. Graduates should:

a. Have well developed analytical, problem solving, planning and evaluation skills. 
b. Display intellectual curiosity, creativity and critical thinking skills. 
c. Have the confidence and ability to investigate and appraise new ideas, developments and opportunities. 
d. Use creative strategies to solve unfamiliar problems in a variety of professional settings and advanced disciplinary applications.

5. Ethical and socially responsible decision making

Graduates are expected to be able to make ethical and socially responsible decisions.