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Sources for 19th and early 20th century osteopathic writings

Historical osteopathic writings online

Historical book and print collections

BOOKS -  Check on the Library shelves at Call number 615.53309 for historical osteopathy texts. These items are rare books which may be used in the Library only and can be photocopied.

Researching historical osteopathic materials - some tips

Early Journal and Osteopathic Books

Each item (journal issue or book)  is a scanned pdf which can be browsed online or searched by using Ctrl + F or Apple Command + F to look for a word or phrase. There are regular pieces from Dr. A. T. Still. There is no overall search for the site, so you will need to spend some time browsing. The post-1900 issues of Journal of Osteopathy are more clearly set out and it is easier to find condition-specific articles.

Searching MEDLINE

Search with simple words and set the date-rang up to 1970.

In box 1, type > osteopath*

In box 2, type a topic or pathology or body region keyword, such as > spine

For date range, set to 1900 - 1970, or as desired

Some Journal of Osteopathy articles will be found, with title only and no full-text. Some of these articles may be full-text in Ostmed-DR/. Copy the title and search in Ostmed-DR.

Print Resources

Browse Table of Contents and Indexes for historical books in the library at shelf number 615.53309.


Choose Advanced search and set dates from 1900 to 1970. Use simple search words or one phrase in your search. Ostmed-DR has full-text of many of the older AOA journals.