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Legal Research Skills

Noting up legislation

Finding cases referring to a specific section of legislation is called noting up.

Each database indexes different cases, so make sure you search more than one for a comprehensive search.

Key databases for noting up legislation

Subscription databases

Free databases


  1. Click Advanced Search below the main search box > select AU Cases from the drop down menu
  2. Type the legislation title and provision number into the Legislation Title and Provision Number boxes

Westlaw AU

  1. Under Content Types, click All Cases
  2. Click Advanced next to the main search box
  3. Type the legislation title and provision number into the Legislation Cited (Title) and Legislation Cited (Provision) boxes

Westlaw AU advanced cases search for noting up legislation

CCH iKnowConnect

  1. Expand the navigation panel on the left-hand side
  2. Expand the relevant practice area > then click Legislation
  3. Click the title of the relevant legislation, then navigate to the provision in the legislation table of contents
  4. From the provision homepage, click the Cases tab at the top of the page (you may also see tabs for related legislation, commentary, practical tools and regulatory resources)
  • Note: This will only find related documents that have been published by CCH and that are available via the SCU Library subscription.

CCH legislation homepage


CCH related cases tab

AustLII Noteup

  1. Click the Cases & Legislation tab
  2. Find the section of the legislation you are noting up
  3. Click NoteUp references on the right-hand side of a section homepage to view other documents in AustLII (cases, secondary sources & other legislation) that have cited the provision.

Noteup link in AustLII legislation


  1. Type the Act name and section number in the main search bar
  2. From the pop-up suggestions, select the option to 'show citations' for the relevant section
  3. Jade citator will show you where the section was cited to the paragraph level

Noting up legislation in Jade