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Chronic Illness

Using this guide

This LibGuide will link you directly to library resources, key web sites, videos, health professional guidelines that students will require for participation in tutorials and clinical laboratories, and for completing assignments, research and nursing practice skill development.

Use the side menu bar to locate resources for topics pertinent to: chronic care, lived experience of those with a chronic illness, self-management, and government websites and policies specific to chronic illness/disease.

Use Clinical Skills to locate resources for Intravenous (IV) therapy and IV medications.

Use Conditions to locate resources for specific conditions: arthritis, cardio-vascular disease, dementia, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic pain, respiratory disease and Type 2 diabetes.

A big thanks to the SHHS liaison librarians for developing and maintaining this guide.

Your librarians and I, the Unit Assessor, would welcome feedback from students using the resource. An online feedback form is located under the Feedback tab on the NRS72003 Chronic Illness guide, as well as on each of the specific condition guides.

If you need any help using this LibGuide, or just want to ask a question, please do contact any of your liaison librarians.

Unit Assessor NRS72003

World Health Organization - Unite in the fight against NCDs


Many thanks to Sharon Karasmanis from Latrobe University, for permission to use and adapt her Managing Chronic Conditions libguide, and to Sean Petrie from Northern Territory Department of Health for permission to use and adapt his Chronic Diseases libguide.

Featured resource

The Fourth Australian Atlas of Healthcare Variation (2021) maps the use of health care according to where people live. 

One of the clinical themes of this edition of the Atlas is Chronic disease and infection.

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