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Teaching inquiry learning

Information literacy resources

  • get to know your librarians and teacher librarians!
  • when you set an assignment or task, make sure that there are appropriate (and enough) information resources available. Don’t just assume they are there.
  • make sure there is appropriate access for the students. If asking them to locate video clips of historic footage, does the school let them access google videos or youtube?
  • talk to your teacher librarian (T/L) for innovative ideas / support / help with checking resources / …

Information literacy 'activity'

1. Using just one of the photos (links given below) as a starting point, locate a selection of primary resources (newspaper articles, archival records, photos, videos…) that give an account of this event.

Federation celebrations in Centennial Park, Sydney 1901

Sydney Harbour Bridge construction, 1930 

Announcement of the outbreak of war, 1939

2. Add any web-based resources you discover to the TCH1007 pinterest page  [Username:   Password: scuhsie1]

Don’t forget to put an annotation with your Pin, and to pin it to the relevant Board.

3. How could you use this sort of activity in the classroom? How would you extend it?

  • Contrast how the (broad) event was described, with reports in secondary or tertiary sources (books / journal articles / encyclopaedias / websites / videos …).
  • Explore variations in language used, changes in perspective, extra issues raised ….