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Analyse your topic

Analyse your essay question to identify key concepts (keywords) for your topic:

- What is the overall topic the task is asking you to address? (Identify keywords that describe the main ideas in the topic)
- What specific sub-topic within that bigger topic do I need to focus on? (Identify narrower terms or terms related to your specific focus)
- Add to the list of keywords with alternative keywords, synonyms, related words
- More information on analysing your assessment under the section Preparing for Assessments, from the Learning Zone Quick Guides

Identify keywords

Write down the keywords and alternative keywords - use them in different combinations in your searches  

Keywords Alternative keywords

Social media marketing



Instagram; Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn

Pros and cons




Unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs

Commercial drones, drone technology

Hobby drones



Mobile technology, smartphones

health care, nursing home

Credo reference - define your topic

Credo reference - is a collection of dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Search for definitions and articles on the key concepts from your topic and use the mind map for brain-storming and identify related topics and keywords.