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Keeping up to date

Current awareness (or keeping up to date) is an important aspect of practising law.

There are multiple ways to keep up to date with changes to the law:

  • Search alerts: be notified when new legislation, cases or articles are published matching your search terms
  • Journal table of contents alerts: be notified when new issues of particular journals are published
  • Newsletters: often published by commercial legal publishers and covering specific topics, newsletters may include new cases, legislation, policy updates and other legal industry news
  • Legal publisher alerts: e.g. CCH Tracker News, LexisNexis LegalExpress, Alert24 (Thomson Reuters)
  • Podcasts:  Try a podcast if you prefer to listen to rather than read your news

Note: Individual logins (which are required for most alerts) cannot currently be created for Westlaw AU or CCH Intelliconnect.

Legal publisher alerts

Suggested podcasts

ABC Law Report: Accessible program about the law, airing Tuesdays at 6pm, or catch-up on the podcast.

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Selden Society Lecture Series Podcast: cover a variety of topics that explore Australian legal heritage and the common law—presented by expert and experienced judicial officers, legal professionals and academics.

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