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Law (Postgraduates)

Key databases for finding case law

The Library provides access to a range of specialised databases which you can use to find case law. The following will be useful for finding cases on your legal topics:

Latest cases

Daily Unreported Judgments Notifier from LexisNexisAU
Subscribe to this service to be notified about the latest cases in all Australian jurisdictions or the jurisdiction of your choice.

BarNet Jade Digests
Jade provides digests for major Australian court sites using RSS technology. You can keep an eye on the most recently released court decisions from your choice of selected courts in a single place. As you scan through the handy summary, you can click through to the full case, read it online, print it, or JADEmark it for later.

Case citators

A  case citator is a legal research tool which helps you to track the history of a case and the treatment of the case by subsequent courts. Citators allow you to determine if a case is still good law and it acts as noting up tool, allowing you find other cases (and secondary materials) which have cited the original case.

Legal case abbreviations

Use the following tools to find commonly used law report series and court abbreviations.

Authorised Australian law reports

The following is a list of the authorised law report series for each Australian superior court.


Title of report series


High Court of Australia Commonwealth Law Reports, 1903- CLR

Federal Court of Australia

Federal Court Reports, 1984-


Administrative Appeals Tribunal Administrative Law Decisions, 1976- ALD

Supreme Court of New South Wales

New South Wales Law Reports, 1971-

New South Wales Reports, 1960-70 (view online only)

State Reports of New South Wales, 1901-59

New South Wales Law Reports, 1880-1900





Supreme Court of Queensland

Queensland Reports, 1954-

Queensland Reports, 1859-

(formerly QdR)

Supreme Court of South Australia

South Australian State Reports, 1971-

State Reports South Australia, 1921-70

South Australian Law Reports, 1865-1920




Supreme Court of Tasmania

Tasmanian Reports, 1979-

State Reports Tasmania, 1941-78

Tasmanian Law Reports, 1897-1940

Tas R

Tas SR


Supreme Court of Victoria

Victorian Reports, 1957-

Victorian Law Reports, 1874-1956



Supreme Court of Western Australia

Western Australian Reports, 1960-

Western Australian Law Reports, 1898-1959



Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory Law Reports, 2008-

Australian Capital Territory Reports, 1973-2008



Supreme Court of the Northern Territory

Northern Territory Law Reports, 1991-

Northern Territory Reports, 1979-91