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Gnibi Postgraduate Studies

Try these additional databases

Google Scholar

Change your settings so that Find it @ SCU links automatically appear within Google Scholar in your search results:

  1. Click the three horizontal lines (top left) then go to Settings (the cog at the bottom of the list)
  2. Click Library links
  3. Type in Southern Cross University and click the search button
  4. Tick Southern Cross University - Find it @ SCU

If you use EndNote, under Bibliography Manager, select EndNote
Click Save.

To retain these settings, you must turn on cookies in your browser settings.

Google Scholar Search

Requesting articles we don't have

  • First check the SCU Catalogue to see if we have the journal / article in our collection. If it does not, we can request a copy from another library for you.
  • To do this click the Request a non-SCU item button which appears in the Catalogue screen (top RH corner). Our friendly staff then locate a library which holds the journal.
  • For postgraduate students there is no charge for this service if the item is held in another Australian library.